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Craft enthusiast and DIY supporter, we expanded our house, we built our workshop with a lot of recycled materials (used …). We managed to contain the price but it’s still significant.

Based on this observation I tried searching how to build as inexpensive as possible. By searching the web, for me the best solution is earth construction.

Native to Madagascar, at first glance we see a lot of sheet metal and lot of cement, and that is modern construction, the price of cement is practically the same as in Europe (holcim = lafarge).

I had the opportunity to build in Madagascar in a homestead (thanks to the family) with the objective that we can be built otherwise, avoid wood (endangered product), minimize the cement (too expensive) no sheet metal (imported product), promoting local products (locavore).

With all these constraints and after a few years of research the solution that seemed within my reach and that I could do myself with the help of some people is the principle of the vault. The Nubian vault or the Egyptian vault in Africa, the catenary arch (chain) in Bolivia and Boveda in Spain and Mexico.

2014 first try with terracotta, one of two vaults in mudbrick.

2015 second construction in mudbrick.

2016 third construction dry stone and terracotta roof.

We enjoyed building and the result is satisfactory. Despite the technical and the modest size of the buildings, it still has a cost. It was built to be seen and why not for people to get inspired by it. To cover the costs we will make the guest rooms out of these and depending on demand we might help others realize their little cocoon.

To support us, feel free to visit us at Antsirabe Madagascar.

Contact: madavoute@gmail.com




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